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    Join us for dinner* and a movie** on Saturday evening! Grab a plate and watch two No Barriers style films guaranteed to encourage and inspire you. Make sure to stay tuned, as we'll be hosting a Q&A with a few of the film's stars!
  • Submit Your Pledge

    Pledges are a part of No Barriers traditions and this Summit. A pledge is your commitment to your continued progress toward your Vision. Identify one goal that you can achieve in the next two to three months. If you’re striving for a habitual practice, choose something you can make into a daily or weekly routine in that time period. Here are some examples that we’ve seen from others:

    • “Finding an expert, or Sherpa, to talk to me about how I can best carry out my Vision”
    • “Prioritizing health as a part of my daily routine”
    • “Taking a few hours a week to care for an important relationship that I’ve neglected.”

    While your Pledge should be one of your Reach goals, we remind you that it is a declaration of your commitment to your ongoing personal growth and how you will Elevate others. Also, by taking this pledge, you become part of our tribe.

    Submit your pledge below and receive your free virtual No Barriers Flag!…and the opportunity to win one of the 40 coupons of 500USD awarded by our partner and Rope team member Airbnb, together we are building around the world Experiences designed by hosts with accessibility in mind and places to stay with accessibility features.

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